Reusable Non-stick Silicone Baking Mat - Best As Cookie Sheet Liner, Bakeware Sheet, While Being Eco-friendly and Fully Non-stick - Large - Makes a Great Gift

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Manufacturer Description

THE FIRST thing I want you to do when you get your 16 x 11 inch baking mat and cookie sheet liner from amazon is to open it up and marvel at the construction. Twist it, pull it, ball it up... Notice how sturdy and well made it is even though it is thin and easy to handle. Consider as you run your fingers along the surface, that thing will not stick to your food. You no longer need wax or parchment paper, spray, oils or butter.and if you have a moment, and I hope you do... Before you put it in the oven, give the mat a quick wash, you just need warm water and soap. Now, grab your favorite recipe, something quick, but yummy. I don't care if it's sticky buns, home made pizza with cups of fresh cheese, or triple chocolate chunk cookies, just whip it up and get it in the oven. Put your mat on a baking sheet and put your goodies on the mat - no oils, sprays or papers.

Now all that is left to do it relax. Once the timer dings snag an oven mitt and bring your yummies out. Allow your delicious creations to cool as you would, right there on the baking mat. Then when you a re ready... see for yourself how smoothly everything comes off the mat. Triple chocolate chunk cookies are no match for this! Home-made pizza? You could cook ONLY cheese on this and know that it will come off clean.

Know that if for any reason or no reason at all, we are so confident in the durability and construction of this wonderful silicon baking mat that if you aren't 1000% thrilled... heck, if you don't brag to your friends how awesome this thing is then we demand you ask for your money back! We only want our customers to be 100% satisfied with this product.

So go ahead and order and when you do, consider getting one as a gift for your very best friend.

Product Features

Toss out your wax paper, trash your parchment paper, save the butter for toast, ditch the oils and sprays. What do you need? Just this cookie sheet liner and whatever goodies you want to cook on it! This works for all foods, customers report to using the baking mat for homemade pizza! The cheese, and all the toppings that fall onto the mat slip off simply. In fact, the pizza itself will fall right off, without scraping, pushing or damaging your meal! Give triple chocolate chunk cookies a try on this mat and see for yourself! Don't let the thin look fool you! It is as sturdy as they come. The durability is as good on the 1000th use as the first. Talk about a kitchen workhorse! Over time the white will discolor but it will not effect its functionality, ALL but the highest end, most expensive alternatives will discolor after a few uses, save your money for all the ingredients you use. All you need to do to maintain this cookie mat is to gently rub it with warm soapy water and allow it to air dry, naturally. Don't scrub it with steel wool, don't scrape it with a spatula, don't stick in the dishwasher, don't use it as a cutting board, it is not a pot-holder, it will not stop bullets, it requires no batteries... just gently rub with warm, soapy water and dry. So, Order Now and know that you are protected by a 30 Day, no questions asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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