HomySnug(TM) Silicon Baking Mat | Set of 3 Half Sheet(Thick & Large 11.5" x 16.4") | Cookie Baking Set | Non Stick Baking Sheets for Bake Pans & Rolling - Macaron/Pastry/Cookie/Biscuits /Bread Making

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Manufacturer Description

? Looking for healthy eating habits? - HomySnug nonstick silicone baking mat set -- the MUST HAVE ITEM in the kitchen. Save your money & CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER!!!

? Features:
  • No spray, oil or fat to lubricate your baking sheet
    Take the first step with our nonstick silicone baking sheet set. Cut down intake of calories and carcinogenic substances produced by cooking oil subjected to high temperatures.
  • Fits regular baking sheets perfectly
    No matter what you want to bake, roast, freeze, knead, like candy/macaron/pastry/bun/bread/cookies/meat balls/vegetables,
    the only things you need is get a deeper bottomed baking dish which easily hold the nonstick silicone baking mat set so it won't slide right away.
  • Non-stick and Easy-to-clean
    Nasty stuff often clings to your baking sheet after baking? No, it never gonna happen with HomySnug nonstick silicone baking mat set.
    Our professional baking sheet liner is Nonstick as we promise. Totally save your time and effort to wash a mat or even pan if you are tired of washing.
    But it's fine if you wanna keep everything as new as before. Just rinse the nonstick silicone baking mat set in some warm water with little dish detergent and quickly remove the unpleasant things.
  • Durable & Available for oven/microwave/dishwasher/freezer
    Its property of withstanding thousands of use, make it an ideal gift for people who are crazy about baking. Tear resistant and last much longer.
? Product Attributes:
  • Standard Size-11.5" x 16.4"
  • Non-toxic and Less intake of substances noxious to health
  • Perfect shape- No more burned and under-baked spots
  • Easy to store- Roll the nonstick silicone baking mat set up when lay aside, Save space
? What is in the Box:
  • Nonstick silicone baking sheet x 3 sets

Product Features

? VERSATILE- SIZED WITH 11.5'' X 16.4'' - Homysnug baking mat fits regular baking sheets pefectly. With one simple Homysnug baking mat, you can easily bake, roast, knead, freeze. Feeling like tasting desserts like candy/macaron/pastry/bun/bread/cookies/pizza, or freezing delicious meat balls, dumplings, or roasting meat and vegetables, grab our baking mat and start making your yummy food on it. ? NON-STICK & EASY-TO-CLEAN - The mats are virtually non-stick, so baked on mess slides right off. When it tends to get greasy, simply rinse it in warm/boiling water with some dish detergent or baking soda. The oil fims will be gone soon. Next you can remove smells by soaking in vinegar. Allow to air dry. You can also wash it in the dishwasher. ? NON-TOXIC & HEALTHY - Having passed strict PDA approved tests, Homysnug baking mat is made of durable non-toxic material. Let you assured to eat and wouldn't affect the taste. Unlike other baking mat requiring oil or fat to lubricate, our baking mat no more needs oil or fat. Not only save your oil, most importantly cut down the intake of calories and carcinogenic substances produced by cooking oil subjected to high temperatures. ? AVAILABLE FOR OVEN/MICROWAVE/DISHWASHER/FREEZER - Homysnug baking mats can resist bitter cold and intense heat, ranging from -40°F to up to 480°F Since the silicone can withstand hot and cold temperatures, it is microwave, freezer and dish washed safe. ? PERFECT SHAPE - No more burned and under-baked spots. For those mad at baking, Homysnug baking mat easily shapes the piece into work of art by equally distributing heat along the whole baking surface. Put your well-done ingredient on a single mat, wait for a few minute and your creative work comes out. Are you ready for compliments?

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